About the Youth Arts & Music Program


In 2016 we hope to start our Youth Art and Music Program with a pilot program. Our pilot program will be three days of free, drop-in style workshops during Labor Day weekend, the 3rd-5th of September 2016 10am-4pm at the Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy 14271 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95127. Classes will include instrument instruction, open practice times, skill-shares and workshops on various forms of music, crafts and visual art. The weekend will culminate with an open house and talent show that will showcase the creative talent of San Jose’s youth as well as the skills learned over the weekend.

Photography provided by Adrian Discipulo





The ultimate goal of our Art and Music Program is to provide youth in San Jose and the South Bay with free and unqualified access to materials, skills, and knowledge surrounding music and art. We believe in the value of self-expression and in the importance of empowering youth to create in their own ways and on their own terms. With our pilot program, youth will have access to a weekend of drop-in style workshops and materials, where we will offer a volunteer-run rotating schedule of classes and free time so that youth can experiment with various forms of music and visual art.




Who is this program for?


First and foremost, this program is for all youth ages 13-21 in San Jose and the South Bay who want to learn, skill-share and create. More specifically, our target audience will be low-income youth, queer youth, trans youth, youth of color, and girls. Much like Think and Die Thinking Fest, the program focuses on showcasing the music and work of those with historically othered identities.  Just like Think and Die Thinking fest, all are welcome to attend, but we will spend the majority of our effort reaching out specifically to youth from communities that we believe are underrepresented in mainstream music and art, as well as those from low-income families who may not have access to things such as outside music lessons or art lessons.




How you can help?



Think and Die Thinking A.M.P. is a grassroots organization dependent on grants and individual donations. Anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated! We are always in need of musical gear, monetary donations and art supplies.

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